Fire Extinguisher Safety Training

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We offer specialized training for your employees. We can perform training to include on-site hazards present this method includes fire hazards in an industrial setting or regular general application training, which is most often used in offices, schools, and small businesses. We can set up convenient training classes to fit any schedule.

We offer different levels of training depending upon the size of business and or facility.

Level One

This level includes the video training on the correct methods for fire extinguisher uses, and covers the different types of extinguishers used in most work areas. Written tests are provided for the participants. Level One is used most often by safety directors who have a working knowledge of fire extinguishers use and capability of training others. (This level of training does not include a FFP-Trained Fire Instructor).

Level Two

This level includes all of level one and it also includes a FFP-Trained Fire Instructor. He will go over many myths about fire extinguisher uses and applications. He can offer special instruction to individuals working in high hazard areas. (This level of training is used most often when doing annual updates to Level Three training that has been performed within a 24- month period

Level Three

This level includes all of levels One and Two, but adds a Live Fire demonstration in which each employee is supervised with a hands-on application in which they will properly extinguish a live fire. This method of training is considered with all new employees and also with people that haven’t been trained within a 24-month period. The price for this level of training is based on the class size. A per person quote can be given on large numbers of people.

Since 1999 Central Florida Health & Safety Training Center Inc. has trained more people in proper fire extinguisher usage than any other company in Central Florida. We currently every year train employees in local industries, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and privately owned businesses. We offer training by qualified fire instructors that we train ourselves. We offer more value added services, all in one source.

Our Program will Cover

  • The A-B-C s of Fire Protection.
  • Proper use of the portable fire extinguishers using the PASS technique.
  • Which types of fire extinguishers are effective on which types of fires, and which are not.
  • When to evacuate and leave well enough alone.
  • How to safely evacuate a building.

For availability of training classes in your area please contact us for your special needs.