Welcome Keiser University MA Students!

If you are not a Keiser MA student or are a student from another school go to the Online Classes page to purchase classes. Click here to go there now. 


Follow the 5 steps below to purchase and watch your online class presentations and take the quizzes. Your class welcome packet will have a coupon code for you to discount the class prices. You must have this code or pay full price for both classes. Each student must purchase their own classes and create their own account in order to get your final certificate. If you run into any trouble purchasing the classes please contact us here.

1. Purchase the 2 classes below.

Click on the “Add to Cart” button on both classes below. This will add the classes to your shopping cart that you will see appear in the sidebar on the right side of the page. You should see both classes listed in the sidebar.

2. Click on the “Check Out” button and add your coupon code.

Click on the “Check Out” button in the sidebar to the right. At the top of the Check Out page click on the “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code.” You should have a coupon code you received with your welcome packet. Enter the code and your cart will be discounted to $15 for both classes.

3. Fill in your information.

You must fill in all the required information marked with the “*” including picking a password for your Online Class Account. The First Name and Last Name you enter will be the name on your final certificate. At the bottom under Choose Your School, select Keiser University to make sure they receive your class information. Important: Your Login Username will be your email name minus the @ symbol and web link after it. For example: emailname@location.com, emailname will be the Username to login plus the password you choose.

4. Pay for your classes.

Once your done filling your information click on the “Proceed to PayPal” Button at the bottom. From there you will be re-directed to PayPal to pay for your class. Follow the PayPal instruction to put in your credit card info. Once done an email will be sent to you using the email you entered on your account.

5. Go to your online classes.

Once you have paid you will be redirected back to the site and an email will be sent to you. Use the link in the email to access your Class Account or Click Here to Login and access your account page. Click on the links under “Purchased Classes” on the Account page to start watching your presentation. The quiz links can be found directly below the presentation. You will have 2 chances to take each quiz and pass to get your certificate.

Important: When you pass you will be presented with a link to download your certificate for you to print. Certificates are not saved so you must be able to download, save and/or print your certificate on your own. No other certificate will be sent to you.

Keiser University MA Online Students:

You must download and send your certificate to [email protected] to receive credit for your online courses.