Trench Rescue Training

Trench Rescue

Trench Rescue: Technician

Trench Rescue: Technician This 40-hour course provides the student with the necessary knowledge to mitigate incidents involving trench or excavation collapse. Topics include hazard recognition, equipment use, and techniques necessary to operate safely and effectively at excavation emergencies involving collapse or failure of individual, intersecting and nonintersecting trenches with an initial depth of 8 feet or less.
Course content meets or exceeds standards set in NFPA 1670 (Trench Rescue Technician).


Hard hat, gloves, eye protection, and non-skid shoes with safety toe boxes.

Customized Classes

This course can be customized to fit your agency’s particular needs and offered at your site.


We offer flexible schedules to fit your needs: either 4 – 10 hour days or 5 – 8 hour days

Call for Pricing

Deposit due at the time of registration.
Minimum number to hold a class is 6 students

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